Apple Specialists know service.
In-shop service. On-site service. Customer service. Service is where Apple Specialists really shine. You trust us because over the years we have proven that we can deliver. Whether we're replacing the battery in your Performa 6110, or installing your new Xserve and Xserve RAID, your local Apple Specialist is the place to call for all your Macintosh service needs.

"Your Trusted Service Partner"   Your brand new PowerBook G4 took a spill. Your iMac DV just went through a major thunderstorm unprotected. It's finally time to put your faithful IIci to rest but you need to get the files transferred first. You need an entire network, including servers, set-up from scratch in your new location. Tomorrow. Who are you going to call? Your local Apple Specialist. Because only your local Apple Specialist can solve ALL of these problems.

It's what we do. Day after day after day. We solve Macintosh problems. Sometimes the solutions are easy, sometimes hard. But part of what makes us Apple Specialists is the willingness to go the extra mile to find the best solution for you - not just the easiest or most convenient one for us. Service is where it all comes together for us: superior product knowledge, extensive Mac expertise, and a commitment to first-rate customer service.